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Fusing quality with sophistication

From classical American landmarks and grand Arabian palaces, to rustic Alpine ski resorts and modern Japanese museums, our distinctive furniture and fixtures have maintained exceptional standards throughout our 40 years of experience.

With a purpose-built facility located in the heart of Egypt and the capacity to accommodate 1000 skilled craftsmen and engineers, we are able to manipulate materials with great precision, realizing bespoke concepts for both intimacy and splendor in close collaboration with our clients- whether they be newlyweds or international design houses.

We aim to make our clients proud, both of their newly-enhanced space, as well as in how we make it happen. We actively seek to optimize our environmental, production and design processes by working exclusively with sustainable forest resources, streamlining our assembly lines and accentuating our latest collections with intricate craftsmanship.

Starting as a small training-oriented workshop, NADIM has flourished into one of the region's most prominent furniture manufacturers, adorning the likes of luxury hotels, royal palaces and private residences in over 40 countries.

Our latest selections are showcased in the world’s largest design exhibitions in Paris, Milan, Dubai and Tokyo, as well as here in Cairo.

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Sustainable Processes

Iconic Buildings & Hotels

Our love for arts and culture is deeply rooted in our values. That is why our work sets the scene for some of modern society’s most vibrant landscapes. 

NADIM's furniture and fixtures are featured in some of the world’s most iconic buildings; museums, headquarters, performing arts centers and royal palaces. These include the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Egyptian Parliament, the John F. Kennedy Center in DC and the Jordanian Royal Palace. Beyond iconic buildings, we design and produce truly iconic artefacts, such as a ceremonial throne for Pope Francis.

Our dedication to providing unique and rich experiences is why we have worked across 5 continents with the most lavish names in hospitality, including the Four Seasons, Hilton, Oberoi and Hyatt. From technical drawings to assembly and installation, we work with our project partners to ensure smooth project implementation.

Contact our management team here for more information on how we make it all happen.

Homes & Private Residences

Bringing NADIM’s blend of durable craftsmanship and refined style into homes adds a whole new level of sophistication to people’s everyday lives.

We work with couples and families to customize and enrich the areas that would delight them daily. Offering free consultations, our team of interior and product designers collaborates closely with our clients to brainstorm ideas, develop concepts and fabricate their ideal space within the desired budget.

Due to the intricate nature of our work, we encourage our clients to schedule consultations sooner rather than later in order to provide a fulfilling, detail-oriented experience.

Traditional Crafts

Before establishing the 10-acre campus on which it operates on today, NADIM originally started in 1978 as a training workshop for the observation of traditional crafts and techniques. Back then, we believed that the products and designs of the past should not merely be matters of study and nostalgia- and things took off from there.

With designers dedicated to adhering to the elaborate principles of traditional ornamentation, and craftsmen who have mastered the skills to forge them seamlessly, NADIM has built a strong reputation for excellence, authenticity and refinement; using our past to inspire and enrich the design of the modern world.

Due to our expertise in traditional art and our commitment to preserving our heritage, we have been involved in the restoration of historical monuments, including the Beit El Suhaymi Area in Old Cairo.

Today, our traditional crafts department is recognized as the authority on traditional woodwork, specializing in interlocking joinery, turning (mashrabeya) and carving, as well as brass work, carpet weaving and tally embroidery. You can request a factory visit if you are as fascinated with meticulous craftsmanship as we are.

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