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Current Programs

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We take pride in our work and how we make it happen. Our tours offer interested visitors an in-depth look at our facility as we explain our departments, processes, and techniques.


Most design students graduate with a portfolio full of wonderful renders. Our program allows select students the opportunity to use our facilities and expertise to actually fabricate their concepts and bring them to reality, learning valuable skills along the way.


Students are given the chance to collaborate with our team as we take on exciting new design ventures. These can range from designing new exhibitions and upgrading our retail experience, to working directly with clients and developing new product lines.  


Students spend their summer on a rotational internship, picking up skills from each department and getting an intensive understanding and hands-on experience of our technical and production processes.

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We host lectures at our facility covering various topics of interest, both technical and theoretical. These include Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice, the Intricacies of Traditional Crafts and Customer Relationship Management.

Students' Work

Program Partners

Outreach Program


This program was created to bridge the gap between universities and the design industry; moving beyond concepts and theory towards practical experience and knowledge sharing.

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