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How it Started

A Family Business

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When a folklorist with an artistic background met an anthropologist with a manufacturing background, they fell in love, got married, and dedicated their work to the exploration of Historic Cairo’s traditional crafts and artisans. Over 40 years and three generations later, NADIM Group’s activities aim to ensure the vitality of these crafts and communities in the modern world through the things we study, design and manufacture. 

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Outreach Program

We offer designers and students the opportunity to utilize our expertise, resources, and facilities to bring their fresh and innovative ideas to life. As we move forward, we aim to pass on our legacy to the Egyptian design community.


Our versatile facilities, latest software and state-of-the art machinery allow us to maintain an exceptional industrial standard, pushing our limits to take on unconventional challenges.

Due to its scarcity in Egypt, wood was used by our forefathers as a precious material; used to make the most exquisite pieces in the finest quality. At NADIM Group, we pay homage to this philosophy in the things we study, design and manufacture. 

We believe that our heritage should not merely be a matter of study and nostalgia. From craft revival and restoration, to personal narratives and documentation, our work aims to ensure the accessibility of our tangible and intangible heritage to present and future generations. 

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